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我们相信了解FCCS最好的方式就是参观我们的学校, talking with our staff and seeing our campus. 正因为如此,我们为所有潜在的家庭提供教育咨询. 这是一个与管理人员坐下来,提出问题并参观我们校园的时间. 我们希望您能顺利过渡到新学校,并听取有关我们学校或招生过程的任何问题或担忧. Our staff truly look forward to meeting with you!

Want to see what FCCS is like? 观看我们关于学前教育、小学、初中和高中这三个领域的视频.

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如果您想安排一次教育咨询, please begin by submitting an inquiry form online at Request Information and then scheduling an Educational Consultation. 您也可以拨打904-361-3037或(904)777-3040,或参加每周四上午8:30开始的社区开放日.m. until 3:30 p.m.  我们将尽力安排您的行程,让您在您喜欢的日期和时间参加.

A Point of View

  • Teacher

    “我在mg游戏官网点此进入教四年级已经三年了,这是我有过的最好的机会之一. 在成为FCCS的老师之前,我是FCCS的家长. 我丈夫和我特意选择了这所学校,因为我们希望我们的孩子生活在基督教的氛围中[…]

  • Student

    “从拿骚县搬到杰克逊维尔对我和我的家人来说是一次重大的搬家. On top of that, to go from a large public school to a small, private, 杰克逊维尔的基督教学校是我认为最糟糕的地方. 后来,我意识到这其实是一种福气。

  • Parent

    “如果你正在寻找一所热爱学生和真正热爱教学的教师的学校, First Coast Christian School is the place. My name is Debbie Wightman and I have been raising my two granddaughters since birth; Faith who is now 12 years old and Cheyenne who is 10 years old. When […]

  • Alumni

    “无法用语言来描述上帝如何使用FCCS来影响我的生活. 我从7年级到12年级,回想起那些年是我生命中最美好的时光. 即使上了一所基督教大学,我仍然把教会当作自己的家. 老师、教练和工作人员真正投入了我的生活. They […]

What parents are saying…

I am pleased with the parent/teacher communication, the level of instruction being given to my child, the Christian values and foundation he receives, and the care that is shown towards my child. 老师们乐于接受,乐于助人,鼓励我的孩子.
Non-Discriminatory Statement
mg游戏官网点此进入招收任何种族的学生, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, 以及一般给予或提供给学生的活动. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, 以及教育政策管理中的民族渊源问题, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.
Professional Ethics Standards
In accordance with the Florida Ethics in Education Act, mg游戏官网点此进入的所有员工都有责任报告所有怀疑或实际发生的虐待儿童案件, abandonment, or neglect; have immunity from liability if they report such cases in good faith and have a duty to comply with child protective investigations. 如果不报告怀疑或指控的虐待儿童行为,或指控教学人员或学校管理人员的不当行为,将受到法律处罚. The Florida Abuse Hotline is 1-800-962-2873. FCCS的mg游戏官网点此进入是学校行政办公室- Mr. Richard L. Spain Jr.